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"Lights, Camera, Friendship!"

Audition Submission

Participation/Casting Notice for Little Documentary Films February Workshop


“Lights, Camera, Friendship!”

Location: Lodi, California

Dates: February 3-9, 2022


Are you a single person on the spectrum (age 21-30) who is interested in meeting new

people and exploring the world surrounded by supportive friends?


We are seeking participants for a one week workshop taking place in Lodi, California. The workshop will work with young adults on the autism spectrum, with a focus on fun connection with others. We are looking for young adults on the autism spectrum being themselves and sharing their journey with the group as they integrate into the community.


The workshop will include improvisational games, relationship coaching, dance classes and friendship gatherings out in the community with other participants. The workshop will be filmed to create a short documentary style series. Inclusion Films has a 15 year history of providing filmmaking workshops and camps for students on the autism spectrum - and look forward to creating a fun environment for participants to learn and grow on both sides of the camera. We look to raise awareness about autism as we celebrate our differences and celebrate our individuality.


The workshop is limited to 16 participants. To be considered, please upload a 3-4 minute video introduction of yourself. (filmed on a phone is perfect! And a friend can help you and ask you the questions) This is not an acting opportunity - we want to meet YOU :)


Please answer the following questions in your video.


1) Please introduce yourself and share your age.
2) What are some of your favorite things to do?
3) What is one of the most challenging things for you when meeting new people?
4) Why are you interested in meeting new friends on the autism spectrum?
5) Where do you think would be a fun place to go and hang out with friends?

Please have your video ready before applying. Thank you!

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Apply Today!
You will be redirected to upload your audition video via dropbox.
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